Posted by: lialeendertz | April 1, 2011

Meg’s pollinating the peach tree…yeah

The other day I got the kids to pollinate the peach tree. You get a soft brush and brush gently over the inner bits of the open flowers. You do it cos bees are a bit rubbish at this time of year (before someone shouts at me they’re not really, they’re great, but there arent that many of them about). So for guaranteed pollination you do this:

You can sing the song too if you like. Yeah.

PS Have realised since I posted this that I didnt say: my son made the film. It’s nothing to do with me really (I provided paintbrushes). He is also the one singing the song.



  1. I will be signing that little tune now… kids are just the best aren’t they? The video was well worth the effort glad you managed it in the end, well done!

  2. That’s fabulous, and how adorable is she!

    So glad you figured out how to post it.


  3. OMW that was gorgeous x

  4. Uh oh, super cute! Does she always narrate her activities? Terribly terribly cute.

  5. That was awesome! It really cheered me up and will give me a new song to sing on the plot 🙂

  6. So cute!

  7. Great!

  8. That was just wonderful and a great reminder that summer is on the way

  9. That’s not fair! You already have a brilliant blog & now you add cute adorable children so we all go aaaaaah!

    Have you booked the ickle puppies & kitttens slot yet?

  10. Whilst my heart will always belong to ickle kittens there is no doubt that that is one of the cutest most heart warming child things ever – particularly the “yeah” at the end!

  11. Shameless buttering up of the GMG judges…honestly….vv cute, they cant be yours surely

  12. i love this lia. cool song and meg’s curls are ace. cheered me up when i felt fed up with work 🙂 x

  13. Very cute. Should your children not forgive you for posting a video of them on the internet, you could plant crocuses, hellebores and heather around the base of the tree to attract those rubbish bees… 😉

  14. How did I miss this? Fantastic, think it’s wonderful the littluns are involved, obviously loving it….and yes, a very cute video!

  15. Congratulations to actor and filmer and producer alike.

    I used to know someone who had a grape vine against a wall in a greenhouse – no pollinators so he had a rabbit’s tail on a bamboo cane propped up beside the entrance and would . . . pollinate the grape vine every time he went in there. (Well in season, of course.) If I had known the appropriate musical accompaniment at the time I would have sung it for him.


  16. Ridiculously cute.

    Now if you’d only let them write the blog as well, we’d all be happy.

  17. Thanks everyone (apart from Dawn). My children have completely upstaged me, and I will never be able to moan about them on twitter again. Snookered.

  18. Did the pollinating work?

    Happy Easter season, Lia.


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