About this blog

I am a garden writer and write every week in The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, and occasionally turn up in posh, silken-paged gardening magazines such as Gardens Illustrated and The Garden. I live in Bristol, have an 80-ft garden and an allotment I share with ever-increasing numbers of people. Two young kids take up the rest of my time.



  1. Nice blog. Thanks. Have house, man, dog and cat in Italy, working in Monmouthshire pruning vines in vineyard……love anything to do with growing things… A.

  2. Read you regularly, but just found this blog….

    I live in East Anglia, have biggish garden and 10′ x 8′ greenhouse. Just potted on 250ish toms/peppers/chillis. Grow ’em in and out, sell ’em and give to friends.
    Grow mainly veg, but getting into flowers and shrubs.
    Sod the city! (Literally).

  3. Have just discovered your lovely blog – en route from dipping my toe into Twitter waters for the first time. I have a small but very pretty garden and a recently acquired allotment that is literally covered in brambles! With a seven year old son, a green fingered husband, and a baby on the way, I’m dreaming of my maternity leave allowing me to rediscover my love of growing things, baking things and making things – forever optimistic if nothing else!! I look forward to learning more from your fab Midnight Bramlings!

  4. Good morning,
    You mention dandelion as fertiizer. Have you tried with other plants, for example rumex (any sort of) ?
    They have colonized my garden, and I use them on the compost hip, but your system certainly sounds worthy to try.
    Have a good day !

  5. I love this blog! I absolutely love your style of writing – I feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend. I’m also a keen gardener and cook, so all of your topics are always of interest to me. Keep on brambling…

  6. Hello Lia

    I too am one of your fans love your writing style and down-to-earthness. I found your blog by accident cos I was looking for ideas of how best to use prunings and other wood waste in the garden without shredding. Your dead hedge suggestion is brilliant. Thanks! (Can I ask how Michael is? I have a close friend with ME and know all about the constraints it imposes.)

    • hi Rose, thanks you are very kind. Michael is doing well, thank you. Still occasionally slips back but life becomes more ‘normal’ all the time. Tell your friend to look into the Lightning Process.

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