Posted by: lialeendertz | June 18, 2012

Summer supper club

Herbs etc…

Hey look, it’s summer! No really…the sun just came out for five minutes and I ran outside and took this picture of herbs and pelargioniums looking summery, so it must be, see? And summer means it’s time for our summer supper club. This is the easy one. Spring was a bit of a toughie and winter will be almost impossible, but we’d have to try pretty hard to make this duff… The idea behind the menu is to try to make some delicious things out of those crops that are at their best in our gardens and allotments right now, but if you’ll humour me a little I am also planning to make summer garden in cake form with some little petit fours soaked in a rose and honey syrup, like bees buzzing around a summer garden in a mouthful, without the sting, or the fuzzy bits.

Not everything you eat will have been grown by us – we just aren’t organised enough for that – but all the little extra tasty bits, the herbs, the edible flowers, the salads and more will be.

The date is Saturday 7th July, 8pm, and the suggested donation is £30. It’s BYO bottle but we will throw in one free cocktail on arrival: a mint julep, THE cocktail with which to sit and fan yourself on a porch in heat of the deep south, while rocking lazily on your porch swing. If the weather is vaguely warm (you never know) this supper club will be held out on my verandah (if – big proviso – we can negotiate my really quite massive dining table out of the back door). You will be surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and spicily scented flowers and eat delicious seasonal food. Without further ado, the menu:


Lia & Juliet Summer Supper Club

Saturday, 7th July, 8pm


Mint julep, served with broad bean pate and mint gremolata crostini


Chilled cucumber soup with dill oil and borage flowers


Mozzarella stuffed tempura courgette flowers with pesto


Roast baby veg tart tatin with allotment veg a la Francaise


Small allotment salad


Gooseberry knickerbocker glory


Mint tea with honey and rose basboosa (Middle Eastern semolina cake) with crystallised rose petals


Email us at to reserve a place or to go on our mailing list, and follow us on twitter @liaandjuliet


  1. Once again, timetabled so I may not attend due to a prior engagement at Hampton Court…I’m starting to think you may be excluding me intentionally in case I’m distuptive

    I trust the mint julep will be made using only the *perfect* variety of mint for such a cocktail…? *holds the aces*

  2. And by ‘prior engagement’ I mean the flower show, not a lengthy period in the stocks

  3. Mark – I got all your ‘otherwise engaged’ dates off your secretary and then we chose from them.
    Meet me round the back with the mint info, eh? *proffers honey and rose semolina cake*.

  4. A burger is the price mrs

    • *fashions you a burger from leek parings and cornflower petals*

  5. Wow your menu sounds fab…really inspirited to use as much as I can from the garden…have borage flowers too….everywhere!!

    • Thanks Helen. May have to nick some of your borage flowers…mine are looking a bit sparse.

  6. Beautiful – I can taste that cucumber soup from here.

    • Glad you like the sound of it, miss x

  7. That sounds wonderful, if only it wasn’t such a long way from Wales :).
    Our borage is attempting world domination this year. In the spring, it looked as though the garden was composed only of borage rosettes – won’t be putting borage on the compost heap again!! #lessonlearnedthehardway

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